sticky trap Moel 701 Insect Killer to Repel Insects and Catch Butterflies, Aluminum, Moel 701

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MO-Stick line of electroinsecticides focus on professional use.The combination of UV-A light with a frequency of 365nm with glue-boards, allows a precise and accurate count of the captured insects, as required by the HACCP directives. Available in AISI 304, Aluminum, IP65, IP55 and also in the ornamental version.


This electrical device is manufactured in compliance with the HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Points Control (CE 93 / 43-96 / 3-DL 155/97). This system allows you to control and eliminate all flying insects in the surrounding environment.
STRUCTURE AND INSTALLATION The union between UV-A lamps and glue board is the only system that allows insect monitoring. The glue board prevents fragmentation of the insects and therefore the proliferation of bacteria. All this makes MO-fly an excellent solution for insect control. The appliance can be fixed to the wall or supported.
LAMPS It is equipped with two high performance UV-A lamps, with a total power of 30 W and a range of about 10-12 meters.
SAFETY The model is in IP55 protection and complies with CE regulations. The electrical parts of the appliance, including the UV-A actinic lamps, remain completely isolated and protected by the unbreakable transparent cover to guarantee the highest safety and the utmost respect for sanitary and hygienic standards.


PEST CONTROL HACCP system, high quality glue paper, aluminum, washable with water and detergents, anti-crushing protected lamps, IP55 protection degree. Adhesive paper produced with harmless substances, approved for HACCP in accordance with regulation (EC) nr. 1907/2006. It can also work simply supported on a flat surface.

Raccomandato per:

HACCP, compliant with the most stringent directives. Suitable for the food and catering industry.


10-12 m

Dotazione di serie:

Effective within an linear irradiation of 10-12m.

Made in:


Protezione IP


Dimensioni in mm



2,2 kg



Tensione di alimentazione

230 V/ 50 Hz

Classe isolamento





Tripole Schuko

Master Box

1 PC

Codice Metel


Tipologia lampade

UV-A Actinic

Durata lampade


Spettro di emissione

365 nm

Potenza Lampade

2×15 W


Aluminum, lamps protection in Pmma

Compatibile con


Codice EAN


Additional information

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 40 × 12 × 155 cm


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